Which season of The Walking Dead was the deadliest so far?

Season six has been pretty tame, but all of that could change when the show returns February 14

The Walking Dead is famed for its merciless killing sprees, and this season the show upped the ante when it left the fate of fan fave Glenn unknown for four agonizing weeks. Glenn lived, as did the rest of Rick’s crew, which made us wonder: Is TWD finally going soft? We investigated how the season’s death toll* stacks up to others. Although considering TWD comic creator Robert Kirkman has warned that “so many people die” when the show returns, expect a Valentine’s Day bloodbath.

Body count, by season

The Walking Dead deaths
Season 1

Key deaths: Amy, Ed

The Walking Dead deaths
Season 2

Key deaths: Sophia, Dale, Shane

The Walking Dead deaths
Season 3

Key deaths:
T-Dog, Lori, Andrea

The Walking Dead deaths
Season 4

Key deaths: Hershel, Governor, Lizzie

The Walking Dead deaths
Season 5

Key deaths: Beth, Tyreese, Bob, Noah

The Walking Dead deaths
Season 6
Key deaths: Deanna, Glenn

*In order to be included in the death count, a character had to
—have a name
—be seen alive at some point on the show before his or her death
—be undoubtedly dead, meaning he or she either died on screen or was confirmed dead in a later episode or by AMC
—die in the present timeline of the episode, not in a flashback (sorry, Eastman)
—be human (sorry, Tabitha)
Also note that season one was just six episodes long

Photographs courtesy of AMC

This article originally appeared in our February 2016 issue under the headline “My Bloody Valentine.”