Zoo Atlanta’s new baby gorilla is the definition of “cute”

The day-old gorilla is a granddaughter of Willie B
Zoo Atlanta baby gorilla
Photograph courtesy of Zoo Atlanta

While giant panda Lun Lun’s new set of twins have stolen all the spotlight in the past couple of weeks (you did see this photo of one cub proudly displaying its chubby belly, right?), a western lowland gorilla born at Zoo Atlanta yesterday afternoon is ready to steal your heart. The female baby, who has not yet been named, is the daughter of Kudzoo and Taz, and a granddaughter of the late, great Willie B. She’s the 23rd gorilla to be born at the zoo since 1988, according to a Zoo Atlanta press release.

The zoo says that visitors “should be on the lookout for the tiny new arrival and her mother in their habitat,” meaning the baby is already on display. Just like human kids, she’ll grow up too fast, so enjoy the baby phase while you can.