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Has intown Atlanta lost affordable housing for good?

While the overall metro area has remained affordable—in the third quarter of 2015, the $178,900 median sales price for a single-family home was lower than all but three of the nation’s 20 largest metros—the cost of housing in much of intown Atlanta has skyrocketed.
Hanover West Peachtree

23 places you could soon call home in Midtown

Cranes will continue to dominate Midtown’s skyline for the next few years. Currently, 16 projects are under construction—the most the neighborhood has ever seen at once—with another 21 in the planning phase.
Modern homes

A look inside 3 modern homes in Atlanta

Antimodern sentiment has practically vanished as the region’s attitude toward unconventional architecture has finally begun to shift. Although Atlanta is stocked with ranch-style, midcentury modern homes, locally the modern trend experienced a long lull beginning in the 1980s.
Where to live now

Ask the Realtor

Should I buy a house that’s in foreclosure? Are townhomes a good investment? 4 questions we posed to Realtors.
How to sell a mansion

How to sell a mansion

It may be the Realtor’s face that you see smiling alongside a real estate listing, but when selling a home priced at seven or eight figures, it takes a village.

The BeltLine Guy: A Q&A with Ryan Gravel

What’s now a destination was, until very recently, trash and kudzu. And it’s not hyperbole to say it would be still if Ryan Gravel hadn’t decided in 1999 to write his Georgia Tech master’s thesis on how four different rail lines encircling the city could be strung together.
Ryan Gravel Where We Want to Live

An excerpt from Ryan Gravel’s Where We Want to Live

When I was a kid, the full force of sprawl was not yet in effect. The roadways were not at capacity because the region was always building more of them.
Cape San Blas, Florida

Three Southeastern hot spots for second homes

Shopping for a vacation home? Consider bypassing the Southeast’s go-to destinations for a more affordable hidden gem, says Heyward Young, real estate agent at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty.
Where to live now

How much Atlanta’s median home values have increased

Since metro Atlanta’s recovery began in earnest in 2012, prices are up—in some places way up. Here, how the median home value has changed from December 2011 to December 2015.


Where to live now

For decades navigating real estate in Atlanta was kind of a no-brainer: You bought a house, probably in the burbs if you wanted good schools and probably for pretty cheap. End of story. These days things have gotten more complicated. Intown is cool again—there are 37 projects planned or under construction in Midtown alone. But proximity to MARTA, museums, and great restaurants doesn't come cheap, and rising prices have led to lightning quick gentrification of neighborhoods like Kirkwood. Then there's the rental market, which has gone bananas thanks to an influx of millennials, empty nesters, and other folks, who, post-recession, no longer have the means or desire for a mortgage. Even the architecture has changed, as we've finally rediscovered an appreciation for modern homes. For those looking for a place to call home, it can all be a bit overwhelming, which is why we enlisted Realtors to share their neighborhood picks for various buyers and budgets. And finally, Ryan Gravel—the man who dreamed up the Atlanta BeltLine—talks about where our ever-changing city needs to head next.

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