Fitness junkies reveal their favorite off-plan indulgences

Cupcakes, craft beer, and chicken biscuits galore
Dolvett Quince

Photograph by Danika Singfield

Dolvett Quince
Personal Trainer, The Biggest Loser
Atlanta, Georgia

“Easy: I go to Atlanta’s 10 Degrees South. They do this curry chicken that’s sinful. There’s chutney in it; there are spices and bananas. It’s so sinful, but it’s so good.”

10 Degrees South,


Katie Cox

Photograph by Shannon Bruce Photography

Katie Cox
Named one of Shape magazine’s “50 Hottest Female Trainers”
Hendersonville, North Carolina

“We have this place called HenDough Chicken & Donuts, which is cute because that’s what we call Hendersonville: Hendo. I don’t eat fried food because it makes me feel sick, but I have a trick that lets me enjoy my cheat without becoming ill. You do sixty seconds of hard exercise, then drink four ounces of citric juice. Then I get fried chicken and biscuits.”

HenDough Chicken & Donuts,


Daniel Meng

Photograph courtesy of MUVFit Personal Training

Daniel Meng
Fitness trainer to Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, and other country stars; owner of MUVFit
Nashville, Tennessee

“I’m a big craft beer aficionado. I know it’s not great for you, so it’s a splurge. Jackalope Brewing Company is one of my favorites. Then there’s TailGate Beer; that’s actually really close to my facility. I’m more of an IPA guy, and TailGate does a really good job. They’ve got about fifty beers.”

TailGate Beer,


Kino MacGregor

Photograph by Promotional Photography

Kino MacGregor
Yogi in Chief, Kino Yoga, OmStars
Miami, Florida

“There’s a vegan bakery in Miami called Bunnie Cakes, and if you call ahead, they’ll make a tub of only the icing. It’s a sugar bomb, but I’ve always loved icing. The vegan icing means I can do a full-on plant-based splurge.”

Bunnie Cakes,


Alex McCoy

Photograph courtesy of Alex McCoy

Alex McCoy
YouTube Fitness Video Sensation
Charleston, South Carolina

“I love Kilwin’s in downtown Charleston—they have the best ice cream ever. When you walk by, you have to go in because it smells so good. My favorite is the apple pie flavor. My family likes to go for brunch at Another Broken Egg, then get Kilwin’s after.”

Kilwin’s Charleston,