ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Told Stories About Pat Conroy

Allison Entrekin interviews writer Bernie Schein about his best friend

In an exclusive video interview, Bernie Schein reminisces about his longtime best friend, Pat Conroy. He’ll share even more stories in his forthcoming memoir, Santini’s Hero: My Friendship with Pat Conroy.

Known for firing off searing insults that seemed to come out of nowhere, Pat Conroy gradually began to find healthier ways to handle his anger, such as confronting people directly. Here, Bernie Schein recalls a time when he was the focus of Pat’s newfound approach.

Bernie Schein’s daughter, Maggie Schein, says her father and Pat Conroy had a “fifty-year bromance.” Bernie explains some of the things they had in common.

Pat Conroy could see the good in others, but he often wasn’t able to see it in himself. Through his work and the way he celebrated the best in people, he attempted to leave a legacy that would outweigh his faults.