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Georgia Stars

Game Changer: MLB All-Star Brian McCann defies predictions

Into the pitcher’s arms he jumped, all 225 sweaty pounds of him. Against the odds, Brian McCann had helped the Houston Astros defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the final game of the 2017 World Series.
Kenny Leon

Why Kenny Leon loves Atlanta

Kenny Leon believes in hard work. He does not, apparently, believe in sleep.

Star Turn: There She Is

There has never been a Miss America quite like Betty Cantrell. For one thing, the twenty-one-year-old from Warner Robins, Georgia, is comfortable driving a full-size tractor.

Peach State Icons

Waffle House: 7 fun facts about the widely loved Southern staple

If you’ve ever had the midnight munchies, you’re probably a fan of this Southern mainstay.

Claxton Fruit Cake: 8 fun facts about this sweet Southern treat

A closer look at the origins of one resilient dessert.

Richland Distilling Co.

Tour Richland Distilling Company, where Erik Vonk and his wife, Karin, have been cooking up their award-winning Richland Rum since 2011.


Melissa Fay Greene on her coastal homecoming

An acclaimed author recalls her introduction to Georgia’s tidal marshes.

Mama and the Host of Golden Daffodils

Woodlands, as we called Barnsley, had long been wilderness, with its battered mansion and broken heart. I grew up on the legends.

The Promises We Keep

On my mother’s sixteenth birthday, my dad gave her a silver promise ring with a single pearl. Two years later, he spent every penny of his paper route savings on a one-carat Tiffany diamond set in platinum.

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