As seen on TV: Meet the Atlanta stylists behind the screen

A local makeup artist, hair stylist, and costume designer share their stories

Last year, Georgia’s film and television industry drew in $3.3 billion, putting the city’s creatives in the spotlight—from costume designers to makeup mavens and hair stylists. Here are a few of the artists behind some of your favorite looks on the screen.

Patrice Coleman
Makeup Artist

Hunger Games: Catching Fire from the Everett Collection
Hunger Games: Catching Fire from the Everett Collection

Films: Insurgent, Flight, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
How she got her start: I started doing makeup after graduating from Spelman because the economy was so bad. Before I knew it, it was a career.
Favorite look she’s created: Taraji P. Henson in I Can Do Bad All by Myself. Her character went from being a hard nightlife girl to a more soft and family-oriented woman, so the progression was exciting.
Makeup Bag Must-Haves: DaBlot Mini Cosmetic Palette and Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, which will have your face locked in suspended animation until you wash it off.
Celebrity memory: I did a commercial for the Georgia lottery with Ray Charles. When he shook my hand, he ran his hand up my arm. When I saw the Ray movie, I learned that’s what he did when he met women to figure out what they looked like

Heather Morris
Hair Stylist

Photograph courtesy of AMC
Photograph courtesy of AMC

Films and shows: Constantine (premieres on NBC October 24), The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Three Stooges
How she got her start: I was fashion styling when I realized I wanted to get more into hair. I went to beauty school; started doing hair for Broadway, commercials, and photo shoots; and went from there.
Favorite look she’s created: The forties-style finger waves we did in The Lost Valentine. I really love the period styles more than contemporary style.
Best places to source inspiration: I like sitting on the patio at Barcelona Wine Bar, having wine and people-watching. East Atlanta Village is cool for seeing what some of the grungier girls are doing with their looks.
Celebrity memory: I was working with Paul Rudd and had to run my fingers through the back of his hair. He laughed and went, “Yeahhhh.” I’d had a crush on him for 1,000 years, and I wanted him to be cool. And he totally was.

Keith Lewis
Costume Designer

Photograph courtesy of Neal Peters Collection
Photograph courtesy of Neal Peters Collection

Films: The Cider House Rules, Scary Movie 5, Madea’s Big Happy Family
How he got his start: I studied costume arts at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and started working in film in 1986.
Most memorable look he’s created: The wedding dress in Madea’s Family Reunion. It had about a fifty-foot train.
Favorite shop to work with: Saks Fifth Avenue. I need three or four of everything we shoot, and they’ve always delivered.
Celebrity memory: Charlize Theron knit a sweater for my dog when we worked together on The Cider House Rules.