Buff Her exfoliants provide feast for the face

Our staffers try out the Atlanta-based powders made from fruits and veggies

Photograph by Caroline C. Kilgore

The motto of this recent Atlanta launch is “Feed your freakin’ face.” That’s because these little powder exfoliants, concocted by three sisters (and aestheticians), are made from organic fruits and vegetables. The theory is that the nutrients of healthy food can benefit your exterior as much as your interior. Each bottle of dry powder, which can be combined with water or moisturizer for a scrub, holds 200 servings—er, applications. Our staffers tried out a few of them to see if we’d go feast or famine. buffher.com



Banana Bread Pudding
Pro: Left my skin feeling smooth and clean but not dry or tight.
Con: I’d recommend it, but prefer something that doesn’t feel (and smell) quite so much like food.
—Deputy editor Rebecca Burns

Vanilla Bean Latte
Pro: I was surprised that it was actually such a nice scrubby exfoliant; because it started in powder form, I didn’t expect it to be.
Con: I didn’t really enjoy smelling like a vanilla latte.
—Design director Liz Noftle

Milk & Honey
Pro: It was gentle and softening—just the right amount of abrasion for sensitive skin.
Con: The smell was a bit too sweet but fairly mild. I would use it again.
—Mary Logan Bikoff

This article originally appeared in our January 2014 issue.