Local spotlight: Cactus + Bones woven wall hangings

Kayleigh Denner and Hanna Mazza’s designs feature striking fringes, moon phases, and geometric patterns
Cactus + Bones

Photograph by Caroline C. Kilgore

Kayleigh Denner made her first wall hanging two years ago when she was looking for a creative outlet and discovered a YouTube video on weaving. “I didn’t even have the money to buy yarn, so I had to go to a thrift store,” she says. Finding it therapeutic to work with her hands, she then introduced the craft to her friend Hanna Mazza. The pair, both in their mid-20s, have been weaving ever since from their Little Five Points living room, interlacing yarn over looms they make out of repurposed picture frames. Their popular line of woven wall hangings, Cactus + Bones, features striking fringes, moon phases, and geometric patterns. “We love the creative, laid-back West Coast style,” Mazza says. As for the name, Denner credits her six-year-old brother. “He said, ‘You like cactus.’” cactusandbones.com

This article originally appeared in our August 2017 issue.