Cruvie Clothing Co. shows off Atlanta neighborhood pride


Tony Cruver knows the importance of good neighborhoods—and good neighbors. Raised in College Park, Cruver, twenty-eight, credits strong role models for keeping him out of trouble. Now, he has a digital marketing gig with the U.K.-based Triumph Motorcycles and a producing job with In his spare time, he’s paying it forward with Cruvie Clothing Co., an online shop that aims to spread positivity through simple but statement-making sweatshirts and tees, and collaborations with communities and nonprofits. You can customize yours at

Cruver shows pride for his current neighborhood. Tees and sweatshirts range from $25 to $50.
Cruver shows pride for his current neighborhood. Tees and sweatshirts range from $25 to $50.

Photograph by Alex Martinez

What inspired Cruvie Clothing Co.? I grew up in what you would call a rough neighborhood, but I played sports and had a lot of coaches who mentored me and encouraged me to talk about hard life issues. I knew those mentors made all the difference for me, so I wanted to give back as soon as I started working.

How did you decide on a fashion company? I like the fact that people can represent their neighborhood, their city, the place that they love through these shirts. They’re meant to inspire positivity in their community and uplift its citizens.

You’ve already sold more than 2,000 shirts in your first year. When will you feel like you’ve made it? When I know that I’ve inspired kids or helped someone in my community make a difference because of my clothing. Just a kid telling me thank you means this has been a success.

This article originally appeared in our November 2014 issue under the headline “Neighborhood Threads.”