Head to Toe: David Schweitzer

Atlanta nightspot manager opens up about fashion

Photograph by Jimmy Johnston

As manager of Gerber Group’s local hot spots Whiskey Park and Living Room, both located at the W Hotel in Midtown, thirty-year-old David Schweitzer makes it his mission to look sharp and professional. We asked the stylish Cabbagetown resident for his fashion advice.

Does your job require you to dress up daily? If so, what’s your favorite suit? We have more of a flexible style here. Favorite suits I own are an off-white Wright Fit Club Monaco and a black pinstripe Hugo Boss, but more often we mix and match.

Where do you like to shop in Atlanta? Club Monaco, J. Crew, Sid Mashburn, and G-Star Raw.

What are your top three style tips for men? 1. Explore a full range of colors. 2. Have staples in each category of clothing for every season. 3. Buy clothes that fit and take care of them.

How would you describe your personal style? I try to stay classic with a touch of defiance in every outfit.

What fashion trend did you follow in the past that you really wish you hadn’t? For six months, I was a mortgage broker who looked right out of the movie Boiler Room, and for a very short period of time I thought Tommy Bahama’s shirts were cool. Sorry.

What is one piece every man should invest in? A medium-weight charcoal gray suit. Dress it up or down, either black or brown. It will allow you to dress the “part” in a variety of ways.

What’s your favorite item for spring? Brightly patterned, colorful shirts. I recently bought a classic, super-versatile sports shirt in blue gingham from Sid Mashburn. I’ll roll the sleeves up and pair it with crisp trousers, a funky belt, and freshly polished shoes.

This article originally appeared in our March 2013 issue.