The local three: What the Atlanta guy needs in his wardrobe now


Atlanta local men's fashionThe Weekender
Whipping Post
Friends will envy your sturdy (but surprisingly supple) leather duffel on weekend jaunts to
the lake, mountains, and golf course. And at $350, they’ll also envy its value. Designed in Inman Park and constructed with vegetable-tanned leather and solid hardware, it’s roomy but carry-on approved.

Atlanta local men's fashionLinen loafers
Res Ipsa
If you don’t have the guts to go full Mark Twain in a linen suit, you can dabble in dandy on your feet. The guys we love for their kilim accessories and wool ties have lightened up this spring with a collection of linen loafers. Colors include a creamy white, light blue houndstooth, and a pale digital camo. $245

Atlanta local men's fashionOstrich leg belt
Some of the best exotic leather belts (they’re carried at Bergdorf Goodman) come out of this Buckhead design studio. Find their ostrich leg (yes, leg) belt in springy colors like orange, royal blue, and lavender. Pair it with jeans, or use it to brighten up a summer suit. $275,
56 East Andrews Drive

All photographs courtesy of the brands.

This article originally appeared in our Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Style Book.