My Style: Drew Huggins, Toki Tattoo artist

The artist shares his inspirations and personal style.

Drew Huggins Tattoo
Huggins is wearing all vintage.

Photograph by Ben Rollins

In an industry known for attitude, illustrator Drew Huggins is challenging the status quo. His enthusiasm for new techniques and an impressive variety of original images keep this self-taught artist in high demand.

Neighborhood West End

Self-taught I was getting tattooed frequently and started drawing my own. I bought equipment online and began tattooing myself. It just turned into a business from there.

Where to find him Toki Tattoo, McDonough Boulevard

What sets him apart I only tattoo my original designs. Clients can pick from a catalog of my work. The industry in Atlanta is a pretty traditional scene dominated by older white men. Around the country, more private spaces are opening for people outside of the establishment group. This trend is more inclusive, and what I offer is less stressful and easier to access. As long as you’re being sanitary and sterile, this environment allows you to work how you want and experiment.

Uniform High-waisted, baggy black jeans, crop top, combat boots.

Anime muses Bulma from Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, and Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho

Shopping Rag-O-Rama for vintage and thrift finds. I also love going to Athens to shop. Atomic is a favorite.

Drew Huggins Tattoo

Photograph by Ben Rollins

Inspired by [Japanese illustrator] Hajime Sorayama, Alien and other sci-fi movies, futuristic styling

On the horizon Large-scale reproductions of my illustrations and embroidered fashion pieces

This article appears in our March 2020 issue.