Salle Opticians goes beyond mass-manufactured luxury glasses

Wendy Salle’s shop is moving to an updated space in Phipps Plaza in August
Salle Opticians
L-R: Anne et Valentin Anouk frames, $378; Shamballa Lotus III frames, $1,695; Kirk & Kirk Curie frames, $700

Photograph courtesy of Salle Opticians

Wendy Salle of Salle Opticians doesn’t carry basic eyewear. Ray-Ban, Prada, Persol? Those are all mass-manufactured by corporate giant Luxottica. At Salle you’ll find lesser-known, independent luxury labels that produce glasses by hand and use exquisite materials like horn, sterling silver, and fine acrylic. (She’s also launching an exclusive collaboration with Cartier.) In August, for the store’s 30th anniversary, Salle is moving to an updated space in Phipps Plaza. Pictured above are three of the optician’s fave frames.

This article originally appeared in our July 2016 issue.