State has a line of hipster-approved smocks (yes, smocks)

The button-down garments feature giant pockets and are created by local sewers
Adrienne Antonson wearing one of her potter’s coats

Photograph by Audra Melton

About 120 miles east of Atlanta, Adrienne Antonson has launched a mini fashion empire in the small town of Thomson (population 6,773). There she runs State, a hipster-approved line of smocks (yes, smocks—there’s even a hashtag, #smocktuesdays) created by local sewers. Made of denim, canvas, and other durable materials, the button-down smocks feature giant pockets that Antonson says are a hit with fashion-loving moms—and with those who want to carry, say, a bottle of wine. The line also includes a smattering of other garments, like wide-leg origami pants and “potter’s coats.” This fall Antonson is moving the business out of her house and into a new studio and warehouse in Thomson’s small downtown, creating State’s HQ, which will be open to the public and include a shop.

But it’s her “secret catalog” that’s stirring big buzz. Antonson commissions one-of-a-kind pieces—things that are often “too out-there for a normal collection”—from her favorite independent brands across the country and sells them via a gorgeous print catalog.

Secret Catalog

Perfect package
The summer edition of the Secret Catalog included brands like Brooklyn-based womens­wear line Ace&Jig and Asheville’s Shelter. Preorder the winter edition on State’s website this month ($10), and it will arrive bundled with extras like fragrance samples—just in time for holiday shopping.

This article originally appeared in our October 2016 issue.