My Style: Bertille Sefolosha, co-owner of Attom men’s boutique

On her current obsession, where she shops, and her fashion philosophy
Jumpsuit by Diane von Furstenberg

Photograph by Ben Rollins

Bertille and her husband, Thabo, a forward for the Hawks, are bringing a bit of European edge to the Shops Buckhead Atlanta. (She was born in Cameroon but raised in France; he is from Switzerland, home to Attom’s flagship boutique.) The menswear store, which opened last fall, carries hard-to-find European labels, from Maison Margiela to emerging Berlin brand Cryptonym, plus American streetwear from the likes of Yeezy and Rick Owens. “We’re finding an audience who knows—and wants—those up-and-coming designers.”

Neighborhood Chastain Park. We’re European and like to walk a lot.
Current obsession Thigh-high black leather boots by Vince that my husband found on the road. It’s hard to find thigh-high boots that are comfortable and fit; I’m very tall.
Where you shop Intermix, which is like our store but a little less urban and more feminine. I always feel like the selection is carefully curated.
Date-night dining Umi—it’s very modern and reminds me of the West Coast. But Thabo’s favorite is 10 Degrees South; the meat is on point, and he loves it because his family is South African.
Beauty trick I don’t wear makeup during the day, only an Estée Lauder BB cream, which gives me a good glow.
Brand loyalty My taste is more conservative than Thabo’s. My favorite brand for men is Saint Laurent. I love the clean lines and minimalism. For women, I always return to classic pieces like a Burberry trench coat or Chanel suits.
When in Rome I don’t mind going out in sweatpants here, but you would never catch me doing that in France. When I go back to Cameroon, I like to wear traditional outfits: colorful dresses or a skirt and top with bold African prints and a headpiece.
Fashion philosophy Maybe it’s the French in me, but when I look at women, I sometimes think, “You don’t have to put everything—all the accessories—on.” The simplest looks are often the best.

Street Style

Photograph by Ben Rollins

This denim jacket from European it-brand Off-White doubles for him and her. $699, Attom

This article originally appeared in our March 2017 issue.