The stylish brunch looks at Breakfast at Barney’s

The brunch scene that is taking over Atlanta’s Instagram feeds


The stylish brunch looks at Breakfast at Barney'sDouglas Mack
The brunch: My friend took me here—I’d never been before. It was my birthday weekend. The food was great, the drinks were great, everything was nice! I love brunch—you get to have a mimosa before noon.

The look: Jeans/plaid/Chucks is pretty typical for me. And I always like a fedora—I’m an older guy.

The stylish brunch looks at Breakfast at Barney'sTonisha Hughley
The brunch: I love having the option to pick breakfast or lunch—or both.

The look: I start with the shoes I want to wear and then I build my outfits. Favorite part of the outfit is always the kicks!

The stylish brunch looks at Breakfast at Barney'sZW
The brunch: I saw Breakfast at Barney’s on Instagram­.

The look: For brunch, I like to wear relaxed clothes and sneakers because I’m going to be mingling and moving around.

Camille Smith
The brunch: I came with my cousin.

The look: My general style is street, chic, chill. Fashion is about having fun, not overthinking. Plus, I’m a sneaker-head and Jordan 1s are my favorite!

Raquel P.
The brunch: The vibes of this brunch are unmatched.

The look: I absolutely love boots, no matter the season, so even though it wasn’t too chilly, I made sure to pull ’em out!

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