5 hacks for summer’s most annoying problems

Tips and tricks to optimize your warm weather experience and keep the livin’ easy

Scenario Outside it’s a balmy 100-plus = inside your office, it’s like an igloo
Solution Stock up on lightweight cashmere sweaters in a range of colors (try the J.Crew Factory store at the North Georgia Premium Outlets, which is having a big sale July 3–6). Cashmere is warm and wrinkle-resistant, so you can stuff a different one in your bag each day rather than keep the same one draped over your chair like a librarian.


Scenario Summer rainstorm = sweat pooling at the bottom of your knee-high rubber boots  
Solution The waterproof jelly ballet flats from local company Oka-B, available in new colors like tangerine and guava. The Taylor, $38.

Scenario Outdoorsy pursuits = sunburned neck, gnats flocking the face, sweat oozing sunscreen, huffing smoggy air  
Solution The all-in-one UPF 30 athletic wrap by local company Cool-Cat goes from headband to neck protector to face guard for hiking, fishing, running. $20.

Scenario Lounging on the patio = the inevitable buzzing of mosquitoes  
Solution An oscillating fan may be the most effective nonchemical fix forskeeters, thwarting their flight and keeping at bay your sweat and carbon dioxide (which attract ’em).  
Bonus: Put a frozen water bottle in front of the flow for an extra chill.


Scenario You’re having a last-minute porch party = your best rosé (see page 48) is at room temp
Solution Fill a bucket (ideally metal) with ice, water, and a few handfuls of salt, which will lower the melting point and chill your vino in ten to fifteen.

Illustrations by Tim Lahan/Agent Pekka

This article originally appeared in our June 2014 issue under the headline “Summer hacks.”