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Jay Swift’s snack food guilty pleasure? The PB & J (with a twist)

Noble Fin's Jay Swift discusses wine, skipping culinary school, and where he learned to make crab cakes.

How Local Three’s Chris Hall won the Waffle House Smackdown two years in a row

Local Three's Chris Hall on Waffle House, wine, and roller derby.

Why Asha Gomez hates the word “fusion”

Asha Gomez discusses eating her way through Italy, her first career, and India's influence on her cooking.

NYT food journalist Kim Severson recalls tracking down Sarah Palin in Alaska

Kim Severson discusses softball, culture shock, and why she hates mayo.

Bartender Greg Best’s hangover cure? Chick-fil-A or a lot of eggs

Ticonderoga Club's Greg Best discusses New Orleans, a cocktail trend he's over, and his favorite dive bar.

Is it tricky to run a restaurant when you’re all related?

Staplehouse's Jen Hidinger discusses Grant Park, working with family, and when she started cooking.

Antico’s Giovanni Di Palma tells us about his craziest customer

Giovanni Di Palma discusses why he hates kale, his craziest customer, and hanging out with Clint Eastwood.

Cacao’s Kristen Hard has advice for women working in the male-dominated restaurant industry

Cacao's Kristen Hard discusses why chocolate is healthy, travel, and Steve Jobs.

How to become a “personal enemy” of veteran Atlanta dining critic Christiane Lauterbach

Christiane Lauterbach discusses Paris, the secret to couscous, and why she hates ketchup.

What’s the one vegetable that Miller Union’s Steven Satterfield can’t stand?

Miller Union's Steven Satterfield discusses music, his favorite cookbooks, and the fast food he could eat every day.

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