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What’s the worst dish Gunshow’s Kevin Gillespie has ever made?

Kevin Gillespie discusses fried chicken, hunting, and the weirdest thing about being on Top Chef.

Where did Orpheus Brewing’s Transmigration of Souls get its name?

Orpheus Brewing's Jason Pellett talks about bad beer trends, his favorite bars, and playing the trumpet.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when fixing drinks?

H. Harper Station's Jerry Slater discusses hangover cures, Reynoldstown, and meeting Tony Bennett.

What’s the craziest thing El Super Pan’s Hector Santiago has ever butchered?

El Super Pan's Hector Santiago discusses Top Chef, Spam, and the problem with culinary school now.

Why chef Linton Hopkins banned balsamic vinegar from Holeman and Finch

Linton Hopkins discusses culinary school, why he can't stand squid ink, and why you need to be polite to work for him.

One Eared Stag’s Robert Phalen has been to 287 Phish concerts

One Eared Stag's Robert Phalen discusses Charleston, culinary school, and why he named his burger the meatstick.

Chef Angus Brown on the weirdest customer ever at late-night Octopus Bar

Angus Brown, of Octopus Bar and Lusca, discusses traveling to Vietnam, his weirdest customer, and why he loves Alice Waters.

Table & Main’s Ryan Pernice: Treating OTP like a foreign land is “behind the times”

Osteria Mattone and Table & Main owner Ryan Pernice discusses photography, Roswell, and Taylor Swift.

If Watershed’s Zeb Stevenson were to start a food truck, what would he serve?

Watershed on Peachtree's Zeb Stevenson discusses cycling, bass guitar, and why he hates okra.

What’s one restaurant Ford Fry wouldn’t open?

The restaurant tycoon discusses guitars, why he hates bell peppers, and Texas.

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