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9. One Eared Stag

Robert Phalen probably wishes that people would stop talking about his burger, but it’s his own fault for concocting something this addictive—and giving it such a provocative name.

12. The Shed at Glenwood

Todd Richards has a reputation for sliders, so it’s not unexpected that his burger—deceptively average in appearance—is so fine-tuned.

14. Little’s Food Store

If the dudes from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle were to live in Atlanta, they’d live in Cabbagetown to be next to this single square slider.

18. OK Cafe

Don’t bother waiting for a table at this bustling Southern diner, which opened in 1987.

19. The Earl

The kitchen cranks out a homey burger that’s loosely patted, well salted, and skillfully grilled.

1. Bone’s

Nobody thinks of Atlanta’s oldest steakhouse as a burger destination, but it’s about time we start.

4. Miller Union

This is the burger you take home to the parents (figuratively speaking).

8. Steinbeck’s

If you like Thousand Island dressing, keep reading.

7. The Albert

Burger authorities have all but exiled mustard, but the brave few who use it do so with great success.

2. Bocado

In its finest moments, the Bocado burger is king. A blend of short rib, chuck, and brisket, the double patties are crispy on the edges, bursting with juices, and gooey with Kraft American cheese.

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