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December 2011: Best of Atlanta

By Charles Bethea

November 2011: UGA vs. Tech

By Tony Rehagen

September 2011: Hollywood South

Hollywood of the South
Explaining Georgia's bustling film scene, from Gone with the Wind's premiere at Loew's to The Blind Side. ONLINE:

August 2011: 50 Best Restaurants

50 Best Restaurants
Our authoritative list of the fifty best restaurants in Atlanta right now covers everything from JCT to Saravana Bhavan. ONLINE:

May 2011: 50 Most Influential Atlantans

The 50 Who Made Atlanta
As we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary, we look back at the events, people, and places that have brought our town this far, with:

July 2011: Top Doctors

Top Doctors
Our annual guide to the best doctors in the metro area, featuring 318 physicians. ONLINE:

June 2011: Hot Neighborhoods

Hot Neighborhoods
Beneath our canopy of trees lie metro Atlanta's greatest treasures: its lively and diverse neighborhoods. This month we spotlight five up-and-comers, with nods to the towns and communities whose best qualities they share. ONLINE:

January 2011: Best High Schools

Like Minds
Quidditch, jug band, and other quirky school clubs
By Candice Dyer / Photographs by Christopher T. Martin

February 2011: Sweets

The Bean Stalker
For Kristen Hard, owner of Cacao Atlanta, the quest for exquisite chocolate led deep into the jungle—and up against a dark legacy she’s determined to vanquish.
> GALLERY: Slideshow of Hard's trip to Trinidad and Tobago
By Bill Addison

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