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50 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

The 50 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

Here we rank the city’s best—power players who define our dining culture, impress us consistently, and leave us hungry for more long after we pay the check.

Tickets on sale for intimate event featuring Atlanta’s best restaurants

Tasting events aren’t new to the culinary calendar, but small, intimate ones are. We’re selling only 275 tickets to our 50 Best Restaurants party to avoid long lines and the frantic food frenzies that come with football-field sized events.
50 Best Restaurans

Editor’s Note: Accounting for taste

Is this the last word on the best restaurants in Atlanta? Hardly. Evan Mah told me one of the toughest challenges that he, Corby Kummer, and Christiane Lauterbach encountered was how to rank restaurants when so many could be wildly inconsistent.

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