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Owen Vaccaro

How Atlanta child actor Owen Vaccaro became a Hollywood star—and how your kids could, too

He’s only 10, but Atlanta actor Owen Vaccaro, who has a role in the new Garry Marshall film, Mother's Day, has already mastered the art of making a good first impression.
Ethel Alliance Theatre

Atlanta actress Terry Burrell brings the story of Broadway legend Ethel Waters to the Alliance

Ethel Waters was the second black actress ever to be nominated for an Academy Award, and the first to be nominated for an Emmy. But as she grew older, the roles—and subsequently her legacy—dwindled. It’s a continued fact of life for women in show business, and one to which Atlanta actress Terry Burrell can relate.

This Story May Contain Spoilers

The face—knitted brow, scrunched nose, curled lip, eye roll at the ready—is familiar to anyone who’s ever been, or been in the orbit of, a teenager. With elegant simplicity, it says one thing: You suck. Morgan Saylor is a pro at making the face.

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