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Asparagus salad with poached eggs and shaved parmesan

While asparagus are still in season, here’s a beautiful spring salad that’s prefect for a light dinner or a brunch.

Mozzarella and speck crostini

There’s hardly a better snack than a toasted crostini topped with smoky Italian ham, melted mozzarella, a drizzle of good olive oil, and some basil.
French crepes

Adeline’s French crêpes

February is a special month for my boys. In France, February 2nd is crêpes day, and as a young girl, my mom would always make a batch for dinner.

Bacon-wrapped grilled peaches

Hurry, before summer leaves us and the peaches are gone, check out this fun recipe using my latest kitchen gadget, the Basque Plancha. Think of it as a flame-fueled flattop. In Spain, they use it to cook vegetables, meat, and seafood. I’ve ever seen friends make dessert on it. A regular grill works too.

Easy lemon chicken saltimbocca

I’m all for dishes that come together easily and can impress company. To get a head start on dinner, wrap the chicken with the prosciutto and sage the night before. From there, you’ll only...

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