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A bright, green future as Agnes Scott College goes solar

The first building in DeKalb County to have electricity will soon go solar

When it was built in 1891, Agnes Scott College’s Main Hall was an instant spectacle. It wasn’t for the High Victorian Gothic architecture, the bell tower, or the steam-heated interior corridors. The hall made headlines because it was the first building in DeKalb County to have electricity—described as “startling” to the town. The community would often gather at the building’s base, simply to see the lights come on. Fast-forward 133 years, and Agnes Scott Hall, as it’s formally called, will soon draw the majority of its electricity from solar power.
Swemkids Atlanta

SwemKids, Atlanta’s largest Black-owned swim school, is helping change the aquatic narrative

Trish Miller’s near-tragic story is one of the reasons she started SwemKids. On a college trip in 1996, a group of girlfriends found out Miller couldn’t swim, so they decided they were going to teach her. Not really thinking, Miller jumped in the deep end of a pool after her lesson. She started panicking in the water. Thankfully, somebody was there to rescue her.
Georgia student debt how much student debt do georgia college students have?

The complicated math behind buying a college education in Georgia

We set out to break down what it costs to attend some of Georgia’s top schools—and how much of those price tags is paid from the pockets of students.
Charis Books Agnes Scott College

The country’s oldest feminist bookstore, Charis, finds a new home at Agnes Scott

Agnes Scott College was losing its student bookstore. Charis Books was facing high property taxes. Together, the women's college and feminist bookstore found a joint solution—relocate Charis to Agnes Scott to create a new community space for both bookstore patrons and college students.
IGNITE Atlanta

At Agnes Scott College, the IGNITE conference encourages women to pursue politics

Georgia Congresswoman Lucy McBath and state House Representatives Brenda Lopez and Park Cannon are among the speakers at IGNITE's Young Women Run Atlanta conference at Agnes Scott College.

8 questions for Roxane Gay on her new book, Hunger

The feminist writer discusses writing her new memoir, Hunger, and her role as a public figure.
Leila Ross Wilburn

Pioneering female architect Leila Ross Wilburn was one of Atlanta’s most prolific

Visit one of Atlanta's intown neighborhoods where early-20th-century houses and bungalows remain, and you’ll likely find the work of Leila Ross Wilburn, one of Georgia’s first female registered architects.

Money magazine’s new college rankings are out, and they do not favor Georgia schools

For years, nervous parents and curious high school students have flocked to the annual U.S. News & World Report National University Rankings. However much or little the rankings actually mean, they’re certainly fun to look at—and other media outlets have been getting into the game. The latest to come out with a college ranking is Money magazine, which attempts to determine which “four-year colleges offer the most bang for your tuition buck.” The top two might surprise–Babson College and Webb Institute, respectively–but the top five is rounded off by more usual suspects: MIT, Princeton University, and Stanford University.

Atlanta as a college town?

When you think of metro Atlanta, many things may come to mind. Capital of the New South, for example. Or worst place to be a Pepsi fan. “College town” probably isn’t on your list. But the area’s 6 million residents include more than 250,000 college students, according to the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education. Each year this quarter-million-strong cohort studies at one of the metro area’s fifty-seven colleges and universities.

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