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Not sure how a painting will look in your house? The Artcloud app can install it virtually for you.

Alex West's Artcloud app gives individuals a way to zero in on the art they love. With 50,000 works from 4,000-plus local and international artists, all you need to do is upload a photo of a room and you can test how a piece looks in your setting.

Barley + Rye: At the bar with WonderRoot co-founder Alex West

Alex West is many things to a lot of people. Most Atlantans recognize him as the young and vibrant co-founder of WonderRoot, one of the city’s most inspired arts and service nonprofits, where he now chairs the board of directors. Others recall the Georgia Tech alum known for helping feed the homeless and filling potholes throughout intown streets. West is also a savvy businessman, who launched Ontologic Solutions in 2008, a software company with a host of products that automate processes for various industries.

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