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The Dungeon Family House Airbnb Big Boi

Yes, the Dungeon Family house is actually on Airbnb (for a very limited time)

The Lakewood Heights house, which Big Boi purchased back in January 2019, has been transformed into a stylish shrine to all things OutKast.
Jackee White, five-star Lyft driver

After 20,000 passengers, this five-star Lyft driver has met more Atlantans than you know

"I broke my ankle, had a bad divorce, lost custody of my daughters, and ended up basically homeless. That's when I decided to try out Lyft. Now, I have a five-star rating and driven 20,000 passengers. My goal is to be the first female driver to make $100,000."
Home for Dinner

Home for Dinner: Fahamu Pecou and Jamila Crawford Pecou

You should be so lucky to get an invitation to dinner at the Pecous’. Jamila Crawford Pecou—a vegan for 25 years—has cooked for Dave Chappelle, Erykah Badu, and André 3000. Fahamu Pecou, who received his Ph.D. from Emory University’s Institute for the Liberal Arts in May, explores black male identity through the prism of fine art.
André 3000

With André 3000 and Future’s shoe lines, Atlanta is stepping up as a sneaker hub

With André 3000 + Tretorn, Reebok x Future, and Cherokee County’s new Adidas “Speedfactory," Atlanta is marking itself as a force for stylish footwear.
Andre 3000 Tretorn

André 3000 launches a shoe collection with Tretorn

The 42-year-old half of Outkast is a long-time fan of the brand, reminiscing of the days he wore Tretorns in the halls of Tri-Cities High School.

ATLast, Outkast to perform for home crowd

Outkast’s beats and lyrics embodied everything associated with the South. It felt good, and like your grandmama, it could charm you one minute and cuss you out the next. And unlike East Coast or West Coast hip-hop, it seldom picked a fight, but instead welcomed everybody to sit on the porch and listen.

Why Outkast just can’t quit each other

With the announcement that Outkast will share the stage for the first time in eight years at next month’s Coachella Festival, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton and André “3000” Benjamin are merely acknowledging what the rest of us have long known—that the East Point emcees are as inseparable as hip and hop.

Scott Peacock, Andre 3000 among those touting the South in Feb. Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit magazine's February 2012 The New South issue is creating quite the dust up on its cover. And it's not just from the all-purpose flour and corn starch recommended to prepare the edition's "Best Fried Chicken Ever!" recipe. In support of its issue dedicated to all things Dixie, the magazine's cover line reads: "Savor The South: 41 Soulful Recipes From America's New Food Capital." Take that, Tom Colicchio.

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