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Walker Stalker Con Atlanta Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta: On-set pranks with Norman Reedus and trick-or-treating in Decatur

On Sunday morning, the final day of Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, an auditorium of The Walking Dead fans eagerly awaiting Andrew Lincoln’s arrival to his panel were instead greeted by Josh McDermitt sporting a faux British accent.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus share the love at Walker Stalker Con

The brotherly bond between The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus is so ubiquitous that even their Walker Stalker Con appearance was billed as the “Bromance Panel.” But when Lincoln arrived to Saturday’s event, he greeted a packed room of screaming fans not with Reedus, but with executive producer/director Greg Nicotero.

Preview: Walker Stalker Con brings stars to Atlanta this weekend

Halloween is still two weeks out, but Downtown Atlanta will be filled with zombies as Walker Stalker Con returns to the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart this weekend. The convention is set to yet again bring an all-star Walking Dead guest lineup, including Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and more.

The Walking Dead Awards: “They don’t get to live”

Each week, we comb through the guts of The Walking Dead, much like a horde of hungry walkers, to bring you the episode’s best moments, surprises, and other post-apocalyptic curiosities. This week: Baby Uggs, David Bowie costumes, and a cameo you might have missed.

Video of the Day: The Walking Dead as an 80s sitcom

The Walking Dead already has been given the House of Cards treatment, so it's inevitable that a total mood-swing parody would follow. Matin Comedy envisions TWD as a Full House-esque 1980s sitcom.

For those of us who still first think of Andrew Lincoln as the hopelessly smitten gallery guy in Love Actually (and I know I'm not the only one) the thought of Rick as a lovable comedy lead makes total sense. My main kvetch with this perky send up is the excessive screen time allocated to Lori. Really?

Video of the Day: Daryl and Rick don kimonos for Japanese Walking Dead promo

In what has to be the most bizarre promo ever for everyone's favorite zombie drama The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) don kimonos to comfort Japanese fans during the a show hiatus, complete with props.

Andrew Lincoln woos already ardent fans at Walker Stalker

Andrew Lincoln was over a half hour late to his only-half-hour-long panel during Walker Stalker. So the audience was getting a tad worried, not to mention irritated. But by about five seconds into the talk, all was forgiven.

November 2013

At one point during this month’s cover shoot, I looked around and counted more than fifteen people, all of whom—except for me—were integral parts of the whole production. There was the photographer, the photographer’s two assistants, the stylist, the assistant stylist, the zombie hand models, the makeup artist for the actors, the makeup artist for the zombie hands, our design director, two publicists, various hotel employees, and, at the center of it all, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, stars of *The Walking Dead*.
The Walking Dead's Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

True Bromance

In the three-plus years since they first met, Lincoln and Reedus have become close friends, which is obvious when they’re together. Both bust each other’s chops (Reedus tends to sign his bar tabs with Lincoln’s name and then send Lincoln a picture of his raised middle finger), but both are generous in their praise of the other.

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