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Simplicity is key for these three Ration & Dram cocktails

Andy Minchow may be reserved and soft-spoken, but you wouldn’t know it from drinking his assertive cocktails. A former founding partner at Holeman and Finch Public House, Minchow now oversees the cocktail program at his own place, Ration & Dram in Kirkwood.

Ration & Dram to open first week in March

Andy Minchow, known for his cocktail prowess at Holeman & Finch, is opening a restaurant and bar the first week in March. Ration & Dram will focus on Southern-style international cuisine made with local ingredients. With the exception of seafood, all of the food will be sourced within a 180-mile radius.

Andy Minchow’s Ration & Dram to open before summer’s end

Andy Minchow, founding partner of Holeman & Finch and an acclaimed mixologist, will open Ration & Dram, located at 130 Arizona Avenue, in late August or early September. The dual-level restaurant and bar is named after the military term for a portion—usually of food—(ration) and the nautical term for a unit—often mentioned with whiskey—(dram). Since Minchow, who is working at the Drafting Table for the time being, has a 4-year-old and the restaurant is near a big soccer field and a pool, he decided to make Ration & Dram child-friendly—at least during the day. Minchow hopes adults will enjoy beer on tap (each of 12 taps is assigned a category of beer, such as IPA or imperial) and light, European-style cocktails with vermouth and soda water during the afternoon, and then come back after 9 p.m. without the kids in tow for more potent beverages made from eclectic small-batch spirits.

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