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How an Atlantan photographer, Angie Mosier, wants to reshape our perceptions of Southern cuisine

New York City–based chef Marcus Samuelsson will release a cookbook called A Moving Feast: Recipes and Stories of Soul Food’s Journey North. Through the lens of food, it will share accounts of the Great Migration. Nearly every one of the more than 100 images in the book will have been captured by photographer Angie Mosier, a lifelong Atlantan who is preternaturally talented, excessively humble, and unmistakably white.

Virginia Willis to publish health-conscious, Southern-inspired cookbook in 2015

I recently met chef and cookbook author Virginia Willis in photographer/stylist Angie Mosier's kitchen studio, hidden off a side street in Castleberry Hill. The two were working on Willis' next cookbook Lighten Up, Ya’ll, slated to debut in March 2015.

Angie Mosier’s Butterscotch Pie

Food stylist, cookbook photographer, and pastry chef Angie Mosier, who grew up in Tucker, is a past president of the Southern Foodways Alliance and a fervent supporter of numerous other initiatives that preserve regional traditions.

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