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Bosley’s Place

Bosley’s Place cares for newborn orphaned puppies

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in Smyrna, and volunteers at the neonatal puppy rescue Bosley’s Place are prepping for the busiest day of the week. They check off the tasks that keep the puppy park clean and safe: leaf litter cleared away, bowls filled with bottled water, clean toys scattered in the play yards. “They come from a variety of different places,” says founder and director Jennifer Siegel. “County shelters, other rescues, surrenders from all over the Southeast.” Some arrive straight from C-section delivery, and all are too little for the immunizations that protect them from life-threatening disease.
Joyous Acres

These rescue horses in Milton have two jobs: enjoy life and bond with seniors

At Joyous Acres in Milton, a rescue that started as a family pastime is bringing the healing power of animals to local elders.
Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center

In Johns Creek, a refuge for injured wildlife

This spring, 10 baby possums arrived by cardboard box to a newly opened wildlife rescue center in Johns Creek. The now nine-week-old joeys had been in their mother’s marsupium when she was killed by a car. Here, state-licensed wildlife rehabilitator Jess Legato gives one of them water with a syringe.
Crystal River manatees

A walk on Florida’s wild side (as told through a series of animal encounters)

Want to experience the Florida's natural side? Here, we find manatees (and mermaids), orchids and alligators, weird deer, butterflies, and chickens.
Why I’m enraptured with Atlanta’s raptors

Why I’m enraptured with Atlanta’s raptors

After 15 years of living beneath Atlanta’s storied tree canopy, the city’s birds of prey still get me every single time. It’s a feeling that goes a bit deeper than sheer novelty, or even fondness. Seeing an owl silently swooping past street lights and power lines, or spotting a hawk circling above the highway, feels extraordinary, almost fake—a welcome visual record scratch ripping across the mundanity of cityscape.
Gopher Tortoises

South of Savannah, gopher tortoises find an island getaway

In June, lightning struck St. Catherines Island 157 times, sparking massive fires on land already parched by drought. An uninhabited sea island south of Savannah, St. Catherines is privately owned and home to numerous wildlife conservation projects, with animal residents including ring-tailed lemurs, sandhill cranes, and sea turtles. Scorching more than 2,000 acres, the blazes threatened historical and archaeological sites including the remnants of a 16th-century Spanish mission—but some animals may have benefited.
Kimberly Stone Georgia Aquarium

What it’s like taking care of fish and invertebrates at Georgia Aquarium

"We work with the animals, but our backgrounds also include plumbing, electrical, chemistry, water quality. You get to tinker a lot—we can fix anything with duct tape and a zip tie."
Meet the Atlantan who's rescued nearly 1,000 cats from trees

Meet the Atlantan who’s rescued more than 1,000 cats from trees

Atlantan Normer Adams on cat rescue and conquering fears (and starlings)
Pandemic pet adoptions

Pandemic pets and the humans who love them

Sheltering in place can get lonely. Atlantans fostered pets in record numbers last year, and we adopted dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and all sorts of creatures to keep us company. It was the start of many beautiful relationships.
Animal wrangler Jamie Stimach

The animal wrangler: Jamie Stimach on why raccoons make great costars

"Never work with kids or animals." I hear it every day. That’s why we have wranglers.

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