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Table Talk: Cakes and Ale, Cardamom Hill nominated, Hugh Acheson to relocate flagship, Antico to open gelato shop

Cakes and Ale, Cardamom Hill nominated for Bon Appetit's best new restaurants Represent. Bon Appétit has released their list of the top 50 Best New Restaurant Nominees for 2012, and two Atlanta hotspots made the cut.

Early Antics at Antico Pizza Napoletana

This may sound familiar to some of you: I sat down at my desk yesterday, began clicking through my daily round of the local food blogs, and—hello—saw that Ms. Jennifer Zyman had done found herself (via meta-Yelper Kit Fenton) a new obsession-worthy destination: Antico Pizza Napoletana in west midtown (1093 Hemphill Ave., 404-724-2333). God, I love good pizza. I experienced my awakening in the mid-90s when I went to Totanno’s on Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn, and while kicking around the country a year later, I stayed in Phoenix for two months and practically lived at the original location of Pizzeria Bianco on Camelback.

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