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Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl LI

Everything you need to know about the Atlanta Falcons

A quick primer to help you fit in at any Super Bowl Sunday soiree.
Arthur Blank

Q&A: How Arthur Blank is feeling 10 days before Super Bowl LI

Arthur Blank knows his 31-year-old quarterback, Matt Ryan, so well that the two men often text each other, but even he was surprised last night when he saw Ryan told Pro Football Talk that he'd like to still be playing at Tom Brady’s age of 39. “Matt never told me that, so it made my night.”

Atlantans are showing a lot of enthusiasm for the new Atlanta United kits

Who says Atlanta doesn’t have enthusiastic sports fans? Atlanta United FC, the city’s new major league soccer team, sold record numbers of its new kit last night.
Pool Checkers

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: Westside’s revival, Atlanta’s immigration courts, and the untold story of pool checkers

The best stories each week about Atlanta, from Atlanta-based writers, and beyond.

It’s Atlanta! Super Bowl will come to new Falcons stadium in 2019

Estimates of the potential economic impact to the city vary wildly

Will the Falcons’ plan to lure fans with cheap concessions work?

“[Cheap concessions] are being considered charity: ‘We’re looking out for our fans,’” said J.C. Bradbury, a sports management professor at Kennesaw State. “But the reality is that the Falcons are a profit-maximizing company that wants to make money for the owner.”
Arthur Blank

3. Arthur Blank

The Home Depot cofounder still ranks on the 2015 Forbes billionaires list (number 737), but he’s better known these days as owner of the Atlanta Falcons and the city’s new MLS team, Atlanta United FC.
Bernie Marcus

29. Bernie Marcus

After being fired in 1978 from a home improvement store, Marcus wasted no time in launching an idea for a new retail model. Over the following decades, he and business partner Arthur Blank expanded the Home Depot to more than 1,800 stores in all 50 states.

Why won’t the Falcons and Braves reveal their stadium sponsorship costs?

The silence surrounding both sponsorship deals raises questions about an unavoidable reality of partnerships between government and professional sports franchises, which readily accept—and sometimes demand—taxpayer dollars to fund their for-profit enterprises, but sidestep the obligations of transparency accompanying traditional government projects.
Falcons Stadium

Ach du Lieber! The Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Dome?

With cranes lifting beams and workers pouring concrete, it was only a matter of time before new Falcons stadium's naming rights were sold.

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