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Who should buy the Atlanta Hawks?

Learning that the team suddenly is for sale got us thinking about possible suitors.

Barley + Rye: Atlanta Hawks shine spotlight on local craft beer brewers

When the Atlanta Hawks host the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday, March 21, game attendees of drinking age are in for a perk. Hawktoberfest, the basketball brand’s take on a Philips Arena craft beer competition, starts at 6 p.m. and goes through the third quarter. For the second year in a row, Hawktoberfest offers fans of professional sports and local craft beer what so often seems like a red herring—the chance to drink the kind of beer you buy for yourself at home, at a major sports venue. And the church said, Amen.

What are you doing this weekend? November 22 – 24

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. So you only have six days to complain about the holiday music on the radio and decorations in all the stores before you start sounding like you’re ninety and talking about walking uphill both ways to school in five feet of snow. Here are some festive (or not) things to do this weekend to ease you into the holiday season.

Pero Antić, the Big Man from Macedonia

When Pero Antić steps onto the court on October 30 for the Hawks’ season opener, he’ll become the first Macedonian to play in the NBA. It’s an overdue feat, both for Antić and hoops-mad Macedonia, but sooner or later a big man from this tiny Balkan country was destined to make the leap. Macedonian, after all, comes from the ancient Greek word Makedones—“the tall ones.”

Hoop dreams

I managed to live in Indiana for more than six years and never touch a basketball. That’s not a boast, just evidence of how scarred I still am from wasting all those Friday nights on the bench watching the other six members of the St. Elizabeth Junior High team rotate in and out of the game.

We’re No. 1! According to us!

Yet to those who root for pro sports (and, I hope, those who play them) the night felt unmistakably like a consolation prize. We were told repeatedly how lucky we are to be here in this world-class sports town. We were reminded that the New York media was against us. We were so showered with love and self-serving praise that you almost expected, say, a Boston sports fan to leave behind his seven titles in the last twelve years so he could come down and buy season tickets to half-empty Turner Field.

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