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At a Virginia-Highland dive bar, Metalsome karaoke turns everyone into a headbanger

You don't need to be a professional singer to grab the microphone for hard-rock, live-band karaoke with Metalsome at the 10 High, the small club tucked beneath Dark Horse Tavern. A lot of the 20- and 30-somethings who join in are defiantly tone-deaf and rhythmically deficient (perhaps thanks to a PBR or three).
Atlanta Jazz Festival

Flashback: Laying the groundwork for the Atlanta Jazz Festival, 1966

The list of acts read like a jazz aficionado’s fantasy dinner party: Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Buddy Rich, and more. It laid the groundwork for mayor Maynard Jackson to later launch the city’s own—and free—Atlanta Jazz Festival, which has been held annually since 1978 and starts this year on May 26.

Meet The Roycrofters, Hard Rock Rising Atlanta winners

Atlanta roots rock power trio The Roycrofters found one hell of a way to mark the band’s first anniversary last weekend — the act has been selected to represent the city of Atlanta in the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands. Last Friday night, at the Hard Rock Café downtown in the local battle band finale, lead singer John Kalina, drummer Joseph Kalina and bassist Nick Carey blasted through a ridiculously tight 20-minute set of songs from the band’s eponymous debut album, captivating the crowd and the judges. “My goal was to find a band to send through who’s really going to represent Atlanta well,” explained judge and Ticket Alternative co-founder Iain Bluett. “For me, this is that band.”

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