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The Atlanta Opera’s best kept secret? Its chorus.

The Atlanta Opera’s full sound is part of what makes it a world-renowned company. For that, you can thank not the full-throated stars, but the typically overlooked chorus.
Atlanta Opera costumes

Behind the curtain at the Atlanta Opera’s costume department

"My first question is, ‘Can you sing in this?’” says Joanna Schmink, the costume designer and coordinator for the Atlanta Opera.
Kevin Burdette

Atlanta Opera reels in rising star Kevin Burdette for The Pirates of Penzance

“Kevin is the equivalent of an operatic Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin,” says Atlanta Opera director Tomer Zvulun, who handpicked the bass singer to play the Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance

Atlanta Opera re-creates the wartime experience with Soldier Songs

On March 19, 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq. The following year, then 26-year-old David T. Little began work on Soldier Songs, a rock-tinged contemporary opera that explores the impact of war on veterans.

A pop culture-centric guide to Verdi’s Rigoletto

This month, the Atlanta Opera stages Verdi’s Rigoletto. To help you impress your opera-going companions, a few nuggets you can drop before the curtain rises or during intermission.

The Devil went down to Cobb: Atlanta Opera revives Faust

There are myriad tales of people making deals with the devil, but they all share similar endings (spoiler alert: bad things happen). Although the outcomes are predictable, we’re still drawn to these cautionary fables, the most famous of which is the chronicle of a certain Dr. Faust and his misguided barter—an eternal soul for fleeting youth.

Eating Around: Wine with ghosts, tapas, and Da Vinci

Every week, we give you a calendar of upcoming dining events to help you navigate the week’s culinary festivities. This week, the focus is on vino. Wednesday, January 20 SPIRITS & SPIRITS GHOST TOURS This month’s Spirits & Spirits Ghost Tour will begin at Marietta Wine Market. Those intere

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