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John Haupert

21. John Haupert

Grady Memorial Hospital remains open in large measure because of Haupert. Since 2011, the Arkansas-raised CEO has steered the state’s largest hospital, one of vital importance to metro Atlanta, from the brink of closure and through a mammoth restructuring.
Larry Gellerstedt III

52. Larry Gellerstedt III

Gellerstedt followed in his father’s footsteps as head of construction giant Beers before becoming president and CEO of development and real estate powerhouse Cousins Properties.
Chris Riley

22. Chris Riley

The Hall County native, who is Nathan Deal’s chief of staff, has worked for the governor since his 1992 congressional campaign. That kind of loyalty means that Deal leans on his right-hand man more than do most elected officials.
Rebecca Serna

54. Rebecca Serna

Atlanta’s growing enthusiasm for human-powered transportation is never more visible than at Atlanta Streets Alive—the periodic street-closure events inspired by Rebecca Serna’s Fulbright studies in Colombia.
Nathan Deal

1. Nathan Deal

It may be early in his second term as governor, but for Nathan Deal, it’s the home stretch of a 35-year political career, one in which he has never lost an election, from the Gold Dome to Capitol Hill and back.

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