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Bacon-wrapped grilled peaches

Hurry, before summer leaves us and the peaches are gone, check out this fun recipe using my latest kitchen gadget, the Basque Plancha. Think of it as a flame-fueled flattop. In Spain, they use it to cook vegetables, meat, and seafood. I’ve ever seen friends make dessert on it. A regular grill works too.

On the table: The latest stuff to eat and drink in Atlanta

Cacao's new Westside factory, Many Fold Farm's award-winning cheese, and more bite-sized dining news

Bacon Almond Brittle

At the 2012 Peach Jam cobbler contest held at Grant Park Farmers Market, Cabbagetown resident Lisa Hanson served this adaption from I Love Bacon! (Jane Rockwell, Andrews McMeel Publishing) with her winning peach cobbler.

Pan-broiled Rainbow Trout with Sage, Onions, and Wine

From "New Southern Kitchen: Traditional Flavors for Contemporary Cooks" by Damon Lee Fowler

Smoky Maple Pinto Beans

From "Around the Southern Table" by Sarah Belk. Almost as popular as fried chicken is that universal favorite, barbecue. Wherever one goes, he isn't far from the smell of some restaurant or backyard grill slowly cooking pork, beef, or chicken in a highly seasoned barbecue sauce.

Fall Brussels Sprouts With Frisee and Bacon

Chef Derek Smith of Organic Eatz suggests dressing this dish up for holidays with a garnish of chopped toasted chestnuts or almonds.

Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

From "The New Southern Garden Cookbook" by Sheri Castle. The somewhat unusual combination of chicken, sweet potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes, coconut, chutney, and curry has deep roots in the South, particularly in the Lowcountry, where there was ready access to imported spices and where expert cooks from many cultures stirred their own familiar ingredients into the pots.

Brown Butter Creamed Winter Greens

Linton Hopkins does not consider the vegetable plate to be a compromise crafted for calorie parsers. His take on a vegetable plate is a lusty casserole, a buttery jumble of—depending on the season—turnips, new potatoes, beets, and asparagus tips.

Quail with Cornbread Stuffing

From "Around the Southern Table" by Sarah Belk. Three Southern classics are in this recipe: bacon, pecans, and cornbread. They complement the gentle flavor of the quail, which is a good dinner-party choice since it can be stuffed a day in advance.

Mountain German Potato Salad

From "Butter Beans to Blackberries" by Ronni Lundy

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