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Molly Brodak Great American Baking Show

A fondant swan cake helped land Atlanta’s Molly Brodak on the Great American Baking Show

A three-dimensional swan, a lemon pepper-flavored portrait of Killer Mike, and six near-identical cookies decorated likes mermaids complete with iridescent golden seashell bras—these are just a handful of the creations Molly Brodak has whipped up in her kitchen this year.
Cake Art

Cake Art is a baker’s paradise

Looking for dinosaur cake toppers or 20 different colors of sprinkles? Cake Art is like a baker’s version of craft mecca Michaels, offering fondant in every hue, Darth Vader–shaped pans, and all the cake cutters and piping bags you’ll ever need.

Cupcakes meet Christmas at Sugar Moon Bake Shop

Amy Kiefer has always been comfortable in the kitchen, but she didn’t decide to make a living at baking until the organization she worked at faced budget cuts.

A locally grown baking book for local food fans

When Atlantan Laura Martin decided, about four years ago, to walk away from highly processed sugars, she created a problem for herself: She loves desserts. And she loves to bake.But anyone who has ever picked up a cookbook knows that most baking recipes are loaded with refined sugars, such as granulated sugar and brown sugar. So Martin set about reworking her favorite recipes to replace the processed sugar with natural and less refined sweeteners, such as honey, maple syrup and

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