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The Federal flatbread

Review: The Federal is chef Shaun Doty’s best venture yet

Shaun Doty is back in the kitchen again, and the only question you might have after dining at the Federal is, “What took so long?” Opening the Federal last November has been his greatest gift yet—to Atlanta and, perhaps, to himself.

9 restaurants for staying satisfied during Passover

Passover started last night, but before you resort to matzo pizza, hear us out. While Kosher restaurants are few and far between, it is possible to "keep Passover" at many places, if you choose wisely. Below, nine restaurant recommendations for the tastiest Passover you've ever had.

A Beautiful Mess: Poutine

Poutine—originally a Quebecois snack of fries topped with gravy, cheese curds, and sometimes other toppings—is slang for “mess” in Canadian French. The dish drifted down South and onto Atlanta menus a few years back, but it wasn’t until this year that two stellar versions (with top-notch ingredients that make all the difference) became available locally.

Bantam and Biddy

Shaun Doty's savvy approach extends to breakfast, when he plies sleepy customers with pork schnitzel and chopped liver on toast straight from the lunch and dinner menus.

Chick-a-Biddy: Not just a mini Bantam and Biddy

Like other pundits, Food & Wine magazine's Kate Krader recently named chicken as one of the top trends for 2013, citing Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere’s Bantam and Biddy as an example. Though Doty admits Bantam and Biddy is a work in progress, he and Gummere are riding the wave and already have another chicken spot in the works: Chick-a-Biddy is scheduled to open in April or May in Atlantic Station. Below, Doty gives us details on Chick-a-Biddy's menu style, who he's hired to help run the kitchen, and what the atmosphere will be like.

Five things to look for at Taste of Atlanta this weekend

The three-day Midtown local culinary festival, Taste of Atlanta, returns to Tech Square this weekend. Here's a quick clip of what to expect:

Lance Gummere to join Shaun Doty at Bantam and Biddy

The news broke late last week that Lance Gummere, chef of the Shed at Glenwood, would be leaving his position to join Shaun Doty at the soon-to-open Bantam and Biddy. For those who know a little about the two chefs, the announcement couldn’t have made more sense. Both hail from rural Oklahoma, Gummere was known as Doty’s right hand man during the years that Doty helmed a couple four-star dining destinations, and they just happen to be brother-in-laws.

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