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Fans react to Baton Bob’s “White Lesbian Bitch” fireworks display

There were plenty of fireworks Thursday night on Atlanta street performer Baton Bob’s Facebook page. Following an altercation with a fan at the Peachtree Road Race, the city’s alleged "Ambassador of Mirth" took to his Facebook page and posted this update to fans:

Broken hearted this Valentine’s Day? Two words: Baton Bob

The city's most charismatic street performer since Bicycle Shorts Guy is hosting The Broken Hearts Ball at the Highland Ballroom on February 15. Sponsored by Scout Mob, the smart phone app bargain purveyors, the evening promises: "Roses are red, Violets are blue. We'll be boozing it up with Baton Bob this Valentine's Day, and so should you."

Baton Bob details verbal assault, death threat incident

In an interview with Atlanta magazine Thursday night, beloved Atlanta street performer Baton Bob detailed a harrowing experience he had Wednesday afternoon on the corner of Cheshire Bridge and LaVista Road when the city's self-appointed "ambassador of mirth" says he was threatened and called a gay slur.

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