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10. Big Shanty Smokehouse

Marietta corners the barbecue market in the northern suburbs in both quality and quantity, but its close neighbors are gaining ground with places like Zeigler’s in Acworth and Big Shanty Smokehouse in Kennesaw.

Thoughts on Atlanta’s Barbecue Scene

As a kid I wished I could breathe fire like the cartoon dragons on TV. Barbecue research is the closest I’ll ever come. Eat enough smoked meat in one day and you’ll feel as if hickory coals are smoldering in your belly, the fumes curling from your lips like Don Draper mid-cigarette.

Beef rib and brisket reach transcendence in Central Texas

At Louie Mueller Barbecue in taylor, texas—about thirty-five miles northeast of downtown Austin—I pick up my butcher paper–lined tray from the counter, walk past neon beer signs and a collage of business cards pinned to a singed-looking wall, and plant myself at a communal table with one other fellow.

Whole pig is boss in Eastern North Carolina

The classic order at the Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina—about ninety miles from Raleigh—is a tray, rather than a sandwich, that includes a small red-and-white-checkered tub mounded with frilly, pink-beige pork; a thin, rectangular slab of unsweetened cornbread glossed with hog fat; and a boat of milky, minced coleslaw.

2010 Barbecue Guide

Explore our complete barbecue guide from our July 2010 issue.

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