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Savannah Bee

Savannah Bee’s beauty products are all the buzz. And they’re coming to Atlanta.

Fifteen years after it launched in Savannah, the brand that bees built will finally open a retail shop in Atlanta—the largest of its eight shops, in fact—this summer at Westside Provisions District. Sure, you’ll find honey, but there’s equal shelf space given to natural body and beauty products. SBC makes them from hive materials like beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis.
HiQ Cosmetics

HiQ Cosmetics facial serum is worth the $125 price tag

Would you pay $125 for a beauty product that comes in a bottle the size of a shot glass? I wouldn’t have pegged myself as the type, but after testing the new facial serum from HiQ Cosmetics, I handed over my credit card.

Eco beauty: 5 Atlanta spots to buy green cosmetics

The green cosmetics industry is booming, projected to top $13 billion globally by 2018. The Atlanta market is no exception, even though eco products tend to cost more and have a shorter shelf life.

Bottled up: The latest from new cosmetic and skincare shops in Atlanta

From sunscreen to shampoo to lipstick, our scoop on the latest goop. Featuring DooBop.com, Skin IQ, Dermalogica, and Bluemercury.

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