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The Fred Bar

On game nights, the noise at the 11,000-square-foot Taco Mac at the Prado, with its eighty-plus TVs, could puncture eardrums.

Hop City

Westside’s paean to beer garners national kudos for its massive selection of about 1,800 beers, including the recently added Growlertown wall that houses sixty taps, the largest in the Southeast.

The Midway Pub

The Midway is quintessential East Atlanta: a converted car repair shop that retains its industrial edge, crowded by tattooed regulars who spill from the brick interior onto a tempting patio when the building’s garage doors are open.

Johnnie MacCracken’s Celtic Firehouse Pub

Marietta scores the metro area’s most spirited Celtic pub, a smoky, gritty hideout that serves righteous plates of bangers and mash along with fifty beers on tap and 125 more by the bottle.

Thinking Man Tavern

Name it and they will come: Emory grad students, Agnes Scott faculty, and other scholarly types claim this dim, scruffy bar on the east edge of downtown Decatur as their watering hole.

The Golden Age of Beer

Given how far we’ve come, it’s almost hard to remember just how dismal Georgia’s beer scene was a mere eight years ago. Harp was the most exotic lager found in grocery stores.

Good for What Ales Us

For many people, myself included, beer is an acquired taste. Compared with wine, whose familiar fruitiness caresses the palate, beer brings bitterness to the forefront. As a child in Paris, I was occasionally given beer diluted with carbonated lemonade while the adults around me drank thin Alsatian drafts I thought were just awful. Known in England as shandy, in Spain as clara, and in Germany as radler, beer cut with citrus-flavored soda is something I still love. Snakebite is a strong variation made of hard cider and beer in equal proportions that most respectable bars (including Manuel’s Tavern in Poncey-Highland) will pour into a tall pint glass for me.

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