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Tableside service Atlanta

Extravagant tableside service is poised for a comeback in Atlanta

“We’re going to see a resurgence,” Petite Auberge co-owner Michael Gropp Gropp predicts. “[These days] every new restaurant has an open kitchen because people are interested in how the chefs are working. There’s great entertainment value in tableside service.”

Bistro Niko’s Gary Donlick basks in glow of Esquire “Best New Restaurant” distinction

For the first time in a year, Bistro Niko chef Gary Donlick had someone else cooking and waiting on him Monday night in New York City.

Miller Union, Bistro Niko among Esquire’s “Best New Restaurants of 2010”

Miller Union chef and co-owner Steven Satterfield had an immediate response when asked about his West Midtown eatery being named as one of Esquire magazine food critic John Mariani's "Best New Restaurants of 2010" Monday.

Good for What Ales Us

For many people, myself included, beer is an acquired taste. Compared with wine, whose familiar fruitiness caresses the palate, beer brings bitterness to the forefront. As a child in Paris, I was occasionally given beer diluted with carbonated lemonade while the adults around me drank thin Alsatian drafts I thought were just awful. Known in England as shandy, in Spain as clara, and in Germany as radler, beer cut with citrus-flavored soda is something I still love. Snakebite is a strong variation made of hard cider and beer in equal proportions that most respectable bars (including Manuel’s Tavern in Poncey-Highland) will pour into a tall pint glass for me.

Bistro Niko

Stepping into the blast of noise and spectacle generated by a new Buckhead Life Restaurant Group extravaganza always reminds me of that moment when Rick Moranis unwittingly opens the door to another universe in Ghostbusters. The brilliant light causes me to squint. I imagine my hair mussed from the rush of energy.

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