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With just two seasons left at Turner Field before they decamp to Cobb, a look back at the Braves’ top 10 wins in the city of Atlanta

The Braves will leave Atlanta for Cobb County after the 2016 season. But in essence, they’re already gone. Las Vegas oddsmakers have them losing more games this season than all but four MLB teams. Barring a miracle showing, what’s an Atlanta fan to do? Well, you could embrace the sorrow and reminisce with us. Through six decades in our city, the Braves gave us some wonderful memories.

Frank Wren fired, but Fredi Gonzalez survives an initial Atlanta Braves chop

Well Braves fans, after almost a decade of sustained mediocrity—one division title and two measly postseason wins—a head is finally rolling. But it’s not the head you wanted.

MLB Hall of Fame: Bobby Cox more than belongs

Ninety-one years of managing, 7,558 wins, seventeen pennants, ten Manager of the Year awards, and eight world championships were elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame when the veterans committee unanimously cast their ballots for Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre, and Bobby Cox today. And Bobby carried his weight in every category. Except the last one.

Bobby Cox joins Future Stars game, Miss Girley Reed remembered

Remember our post Tuesday detailing the plans for the first-ever exhibition game between the Atlanta Braves and it's minor league counterpart, the Gwinnett Braves set for April 3 at Coolray Field in Gwinnett County? Well, to paraphrase that omnipresent Perfect Meatloaf Pan TV commercial beloved by insomniacs the world over, but wait, there's more! On Tuesday, the Braves front office announced that legendary Braves skipper Bobby Cox is coming out of retirement for the day to manage the Gwinnett Braves Future Stars as they take on current Braves skipper Fredi Gonzalez and the MLB downtown team.

Q&A with Bobby Cox

Bobby Cox has been to Europe only once and wasn’t terribly impressed. He says “Gah-dawgit” and pulls off his cap to muss his hair when a memory eludes him. He uses long silences to make a point about as often as he uses an obscenity that rhymes with the surname of former Phillies first baseman and familiar nemesis John Kruk.

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