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Where to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta

Where to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta

Where can you watch the Atlanta Falcons play in Super Bowl LI? Here are the restaurants and bars who are hosting watch parties and specials.

Barley + Rye: The right way to barbecue with beer

Beer shows up in all kinds of food recipes. It adds crisp texture to hunks of beer-battered fish and combines perfectly with a hot pretzel in beer cheese sauce. Beer goes in bread recipes, punches up broth for clams and mussels, and during the summer season, beer can help your grilled meats cook to a flavorful perfection.

Bone Lick BBQ opens on the Westside today

About two years ago, our dining critic Bill Addison went in search of the best barbeque in the Atlanta area. He searched low and high, finding joints hidden far outside of the city in towns like Jackson and Gainesville. A total of 58 joints were reviewed in all. After all that searching, just one place inside Atlanta made Addison’s top five and it wasn’t even a full-time BBQ joint.

P’cheen owners to open a Westside barbecue joint

Promising news for the intown barbecue scene: Alex Friedman and Keiran Neely, the owners of P'cheen, are opening a 'cue restaurant at 1133 Huff Road on the Westside. The name is Bone Lick BBQ, which was the moniker for the Monday night barbecue "pop-up" at P'Cheen that I ranked as fourth on my list of the best barbecue in the metro area for our July 2010 cover package.Mike LaSage, P'cheen's chef to cuisine who ran the Monday night smoke fest, is also one of the owners and will run the kitchen at Bone Lick. He’ll be making a dinner menu based off his previous successes—traditional meats like baby back ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, and jumbo wings, as well as a revolving selection of internationally inspired barbecue. Lunch will be more scaled back, focusing on takeout and limited delivery.Fun fact: David Cross, the comedian and Atlanta native, is an investor in the restaurant.Look for Bone Lick BBQ to open this summer.

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