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ASW Distillery

ASW Distillery can finally make its liquor locally

Five years after launching Atlanta-based ASW Distillery, the pair finally ran liquor through their custom copper stills for the first time last month.

Atlanta’s Old Fourth Distillery gin planned for a winter release

At 487 Edgewood Avenue, the co-founders of Old Fourth Distillery are kept busy producing their eponymous vodka—and putting the finishing touches on the recipe for a gin they plan to release some time in December. Crafting a spirit from scratch in-house has proven far more time-intensive than the partners had imagined when they started two years ago, opening the first distillery in the Atlanta city limits since 1907. But the outcome has exceeded their most intemperate expectations, both in terms of sales and taste.

Four February dining events in Atlanta: Uncorked Atlanta, Taste of Athens, and more

Wine and dine yourself at Uncorked Atlanta, Taste of Athens, Oakhurst's wine crawl, and Atlantic Station's festival of beer, bourbon, and barbecue.

Spicy bourbon chicken thighs

Backstory “Making cocktails with bourbon is easy,” writes Kathleen Purvis in “Bourbon,” part of the popular Savor the South cookbook series by UNC Press. “Cooking with it, beyond the basics of brushing a cake with bourbon or deglazing a pan, isn’t that obvious.”

Upgrade your pantry with classy condiments

Atlantans value their fair trade coffee, locally-sourced produce, and free range animals, so why can’t we show that same love to our condiments?

Brown Butter Bourbon Peach Cobbler

Lisa Hanson, lead cook at the Mercantile and former owner of Cabbagetown Market, won the 2012 Peach Jam cobbler contest at Grant Park Farmers Market with this summer delight.

Get away to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

We came for the bourbon. Like a growing number of tourists—more than 2 million in the last five years—our crew went where true bourbon was born, by the clear limestone waters of Kentucky.

Pearson Pride Cocktail

Miles Macquarrie from Leon's Full Service won first place in the 2011 Peach Cocktail Mixoff at East Atlanta Village Farmers Market with this creation.

Sweet Potato Bourbon Pie

Why would you want your sweet potato pie to look (and taste) like a pumpkin pie? This double-pastry pie flaunts its sweet potatoes in bright orange slices. Brown sugar and bourbon highlight their earthy appeal. Serve warm with vanilla or caramel ice cream.

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