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Boxcar Grocer plans for expansion

Alphonzo Cross opened the first Boxcar Grocer—an urban corner store focused on local and healthy food and goods—in Castleberry Hill in 2011, but earlier this year, he closed the store to hammer out a long...

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Boxcar Grocer raising funds for expansion into food deserts The brother and sister team that brought fresh produce and sandwiches to an Atlanta food desert are at it again. This time they’re raising money with hopes of taking their business to the next level.

Boxcar Grocer raising funds for expansion into food deserts

Castleberry Hill's Boxcar Grocer opened at the beginning of this year, bringing local products and fresh sandwiches into a neighborhood that has long been without a full, quality grocery. The brother and sister team are now aiming at expanding the offerings of their current location and bringing their vision into food deserts throughout Atlanta. That buzzword, "food deserts," is another way of saying what the USDA describes as "low-income communities that lack ready access to healthy food."

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